Malus x 'Evereste' (Crab Apple)

Malus x 'Evereste' is one of the finest small trees, especially suitable for smaller gardens. In spring, the whole tree is festooned with rich pink buds which open to ivory white flowers with a very slight fragrance. The long period of flowering makes it an ideal pollinator for most varieties of apple trees.

By late summer Malus x 'Evereste' is already covered with thousands of yellowish crab apples which become flushed red as the weather becomes cooler and in October the leaves colour to rich buttery yellow.

There are lots of other crab apple cultivars which also flower, fruit and have good autumn colours but the outstanding feature of 'Evereste' is that, although the fruits are relatively sweet and can be eaten, for some reason birds usually leave them alone until January before they enjoy a wintry feast.

The specimen in our garden is still covered with fruit at the moment in early Jan 2012.

Malus 'Evereste' was raised in France in 1980 and given the French (female) name of Evereste after the famous mountain. 

More Information on Malus x 'Evereste'

1) Spring Flower - The Malus x 'Evereste' in our woodland gardens (taken in mid April 2011).

2 ) Autumn Colour - The Malus x 'Evereste' covered with masses of colourful fruit in our woodland gardens (taken in early November 2010).